Sunday, 5 October 2014

Go wild in the Maya Bra by Cleo

Maya Bra from Cleo by Panache

Maya Bra from Cleo by Panache Bra None Review
This is shot number twenty! So hard to take these photos. Who knew!  Maya Bra by Cleo.

Large Cup Maya Bra from Cleo by Panache
Beautiful colours, great fit, good support.

The second I saw the Maya Bra from Cleo by Panache I knew I had to have it and I did!

This has become one of my favourite bras because of the explosion of colours on it, the great fit, good support and the lovely shape it gives my boobs.

Firstly I love the thin pink straps. Too cute and they do the job. They look great under strappy tops. Perfect for the Aussie summer coming up. (Daylight savings starting tonight turn your clock forward 1 hr!)

The cups are soft and smooth and cover my boobs as you can see from the last pic. They give a nice rounded shaped and a very sexy cleavage as well. They keep the girls protected and looking great hahaha. No unnecessary bounce or spillage.

You can easily wear this bra under a bit of a lower cut top with no problems. And even if you can see the bra over the top who cares, look at that beautiful pink lace. Let 'em see! 

The best thing about this bra is the colours.  

What a beautiful explosion of colours. The wild animal print, the pink straps, the beautiful pink and green embroidered lace and the cutest little sunshine yellow bow will make this a year round favourite.

It makes me so happy every time I wear it. Makes me feel a bit naughty and wild hahaha.

Bras should be fun and this one offers good support, is a great fit and has beautiful colours. So what are you waiting for.

Now is the perfect time to add this beautiful large cup bra to your collection as Figleaves has 20% off everything full price and free delivery in the UK. Use code 20DEL at checkout. Ends midnight Monday 6th October.

What do you think. Is this too colourful for you. Do you prefer more subtle colours? Let me know.

Monday, 30 June 2014

My review on Tropics Bra by Freya

I was meant to have this review up a few days after I put up the teaser but two weeks have gone past! When did that happen? Ok so I wore the Tropics Bra by Freya for a week and loved it.

The red colour is really cheery in the morning especially now during Winter in Australia. That bluey/purpley fluorescent colour in the cups is my favourite. I don't know why but I love it. Maybe because it's so vibrant and unexpected.

Pretty bows on the Tropics Bra by Freya.
Cute bow!

I also love the deep pink bows they are so cute.

The plunge style worked a treat when I was wearing a lower cut sweater. It gave a nice shape and no bra peeking over the sides.

The straps are comfy though I much prefer them to be thinner.  Thick straps like this are never attractive no matter how colourful the print. 

Bold Colours on the Tropics Bra by Freya
Bold Colours

I got this bra in a larger cup size because I am finding the cup sizes are getting a bit snug and not covering and supporting my boobs as they should. Doing this I found I had a bit more room in the cups but my boobs were still covered and supported. Especially good during that time of the month when you need extra support and coverage.

The sheer material along the top of the cups and the scalloped edge are really pretty. I had no bulge and the bra fit just right.

The material on the bottom part of the cups at first felt slightly plasticey but as I wore it more it softened. I am sure after a wash and wear it will soften more. It was never uncomfortable just an observation I made.

Tropics Bra by Freya
Elastic around straps on the back.

The only thing that bothered me a bit was the elastic around the wings at the back of the bra along the top and bottom. I felt like they were a bit tight but as I continued to wear it they got a bit more comfy. I am sure after a wash and another wear it will be comfier still.

All in all I really like this bra. It's comfy, pretty and supportive. I highly recommend. It is a great buy.

Available in sizes  28DD - 38H. (AUS6DD - 16H)

Do you have this bra? What are your thoughts? Let me know.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Tartan Fling Bra by Bravissimo

Tartan Fling Bra by Bravissimo

Tartan Fling Cup by Bravissimo

Long time to hear from me. I am still here and I have a bra review for you. This bra I have been wearing for a week and I love it.

I usually go for bright colours but I really loved the more subtle colours on the Tartan Fling Bra by Bravissimo and bought it instantly.  I think I loved it because I have never seen a bra with a tartan print on it and had to have it.

Silky Soft Tartan Fling Bra by Bravissimo

What I love about this bra is how soft it is. The cups are soft, the straps are soft and the lace is soft. It is a very comfortable bra.  It doesn't dig in anywhere. It feels great. It feels so nice on my boobs too.

Even though the colours are subtle in the photos, in person they are lovely and vibrant in a subtle way. The different shades of lilac and purple, the soft cream background and the lines of aqua are really pretty.

Love the aqua blue bow. So pretty.

I really love the gorgeous aqua bow with lilac bow overlay in the centre of the cups. It is so adorable.

The lattice embroidery on the top of the cups is a lovely feature and still very supportive. In the photo the lace looks thick but the lace is actually sheer. The purple flower embroidery is beautiful too.

Silky soft bra straps. So Comfy.

The straps are also super silky soft and so comfortable. 

Yes this is one of my favourite bras.  It is so comfortable. Has beautiful colours and is super soft. What more can you want in a bra. I highly recommend it.

Available in sizes 28F - 38K. (AUS 6F-16K)

Note: The colours in the photo's I took are a bit dark but it was the best lighting I could get. The colours really are a lovely soft vibrant colour, trust me :)

Monday, 10 March 2014

Pin Up Swimwear from Midnight Grace by figleaves

Pin Up Swimwear from Midnight Grace by

How hot is this retro inspired pin up swimwear? Let me answer that for you, it is super hot. I really love these high waisted bikini bottoms which seem to be the fashion trend for this season as I have seen many similar designs.

What you are viewing above is the Pin Up Underwired Bandeau Bikini Top and Pin Up High Waisted Shaping Bikini Brief from Midnight Grace by in green.

Can't you just see Marilyn Monroe in this? It is so classy and classic. I love the polka dots and stripes with slight ruching on the side.

These will definitely hide the jelly and give you a sexy shape perfect for flaunting your figure on the beach.

The bikini top also comes in a non padded underwired halter neck and if the high waisted briefs aren't for you then check out the frill bikini brief. It is super cute.

This design also comes in a lighter and darker blue. 

Available in sizes 30D - 38G

If the two piece is not for you how about the stunning strapless pin up swimwear one piece with detachable straps below. 

Pin Up shaping swimsuit front from Midnight Grace by figleaves

Pin Up shaping swimsuit back from Midnight Grace by figleaves

What do you think, do you like retro designs or do you prefer more modern designs? Let me know.

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Top 5 Tips on Caring for your Bras

Bra Voe Bra Storage

This is a good little list on caring for your bras that I found at They have a bra storage system which is a very good invention. This list was written up by Helena the inventor of Bra-Voe. Do you have any good bra caring tips?

Top 5 Tips on Caring for your Bras

1. When washing your bras in a washing machine, always put them into a lingerie bag. This will prevent the bras hooks from catching on the delicate material or getting caught and twisted within the wash.

2. Make sure you use a delicate cycle with cool water and mild detergent to help protect the delicate fabric.

3. Alternate bras more often so you don't end up washing the same bras over and over causing them to lose their shape more quickly.

4. Never put your bras in the dryer or wring them out. Let them drip dry on a clothes rack.

5. When storing bras never invert the cups because it can lead to lumps and dimples in the fabric and padding. These lumps can show through your clothing and ruin your outfit. Instead use Bra-Voe to store your bras.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Loving the exuberant Freya Tropics Plunge Bra

Freya Tropics Plunge Bra

The second I saw the Freya Tropics Plunge Bra I said WOW! I love all those bright, vibrant colours plus it is the perfect colour for a red hot Valentine's Day.

I really love it when the colours run over the straps. I think all bras should do this as bra straps can usually be seen through tops in summer so why not make it part of your outfit. 

Love the red bows, love the sheer cups and the brilliant floral design. I also love the blues peeking through the reds. What a wonderful combination. 

From the 13th February- Monday 17th February you can get this stunning bra at 20% off by using the code TWENTY at checkout. Figleaves has a sale with 20% off everything sitewide so why not treat yourself to this bra you deserve it!

Available in sizes 28D - 38G (AUS6D - 16G)

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Lepel Hello Sailor Retro Swimwear

Lepel Hello Sailor Moulded Bikini Top Red

I was moseying through the swimwear at Brastop when I came along the striking Lepel Hello Sailor Bikini. The bikini top is underwired with moulded cups that are lightly padded.

The bikini is decorated with a beautiful striking red retro floral print and pinstripe trims. I love that big floppy bow in the centre of the cups. 

Available in sizes 32D - 38G (AUS 10D - 16G)

Lepel Hello Sailor Deep Pant Red

What attracted me was not the bikini top but the bikini bottoms. I adore the Lepel Hello Sailor Deep Pant. This is where the beautiful retro floral print comes alive.

You can see the bold red, the beautiful retro flowers with blue centres and the pinstripe detail around the waist. Now this is style!

These are very flattering bikini bottoms that will flatten the jelly, give you a sexy silhouette and have you feeling fabulously confident on the beach this stinking hot summer!

As I write this at 9.40pm it is 31C/88F. It actually went 41C/106F today! Yes it has been a very hot summer. Can't remember when it was this hot before. Stay cool!

Available in sizes 8 - 18 (AUS 10 - 20)

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